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We are a group of concerned musicians and performers. We’ve studied and read since 9-11 and found out the facts. It takes quite a bit of work to cut through the noise. We made this music to reach out to those who don’t or won’t read the books and blogs where Jihad and Islam are properly discussed.

The Dhimmi singing

The Dhimmi

Keyboards, vocals

The Dhimmi is a non-Muslim, an infidel, living in a land conquered by Islam. He pays a special tax, the Jizya, which buys him "protection". There are, however, numerous restrictive conditions he must meet but his so-called "rights" can still be withdrawn. Even the right to life.


The Harbi


Living in his non-Muslim land, the Harbi is blissfully unaware of the fate Islam reserves for him. When his country is one day taken over by Islam, he'll be a Dhimmi no doubt.


The Law


The Law is one of the founder members of the band. The Law was once a real lawyer but after 9-11 he started reading and studying.


Judge F'yourself


We've taken a great deal of care over what we say in our songs and what we've written on our website. We're not trying to tell you what to think. We hope that the information we present here will help you reach your own conclusions.


Dhimmitude was the first of our songs to have a gorgeous, animated video. If you can understand Dhimmitude, and look at the world through the eyes of a dhimmi, you'll see how the world works

The Plan

Weapon of Musical Defense has written and produced an amazing library of songs. These form an unrivalled resource for explaining Islam, Jihad and the fight for freedom in the west.

World Premiere! Mohammed: A Biography

Read the press release: PDF or view at The Library

We need more videos

Having produced many hours of music, we know the impact will only come once this music is paired with stunning visuals

Two videos is only the start

So far we've self funded one full length video called Dhimmitude and a short demonstration video.

Mohammed: A Biography

The story of the life of the Prophet of Islam told in 3½ minutes. Played and illustrated by the WMDRock Band. This we will crowd fund.

The Library

We have an extensive site documenting our songs. Every line in every song comes with extensive notes. We didn't make this stuff up. The Library is where we keep the footnotes to our songs!

The Library Religion as a Weapon - lyrics Dhimmitude - lyrics Mohammed: A Biography Islam 101 Winston Churchill Philosophy - lyrics

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